beyerdynamic MCS-Digital سیستم کنفرانس دیجیتال با سیم

beyerdynamic MCS-50 سیستم کنفرانس دیجیتال با سیم

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جهت کنترل دستگاه  RS232 پورت

 قابلیت کنترل از طریق کامپیوتر

قابلیت پشتیبانی از 64 کنسول

The digitally controlled MCS conference system is a high-performance conference system for the efficient organization of meetings and conferences. The MCS system is suitable both for permanent installation and mobile implementation. Depending on the control unit design, up to 32 or 64 stations can be incorporated in a system. Push-pull connectors facilitate setting up or removing the system and thus minimize time outlay. Long connection cables permit generous positioning. The MCS system thus remains flexible at all times. As a standalone system, the MCS is characterized by simple and user-friendly operation. As a stand-alone device or with media control, the MCS can be seamlessly integrated in all modern conference applications.

One microphone line for a maximum of 32 microphone units

Integrated power supply unit with control for up to 32 microphone units

Can be expanded to 64 microphone units (with MCS 50-64)

Multifunction display for indication and configuration

Multifunction buttons for menu control and system configuration without PC

Master reset button to load default settings

Service RS 232 interface port on the front for PC system configuration

Supplied with “MCS-Editor” configuration software

Supplied with “MCS Controller” Software for Windows® operating systems

All inputs and outputs are plug-in type

RS 232 connection for external operation via PC or media control system

Control unit in a 2 U-housing, suitable for 19″ rack mounting


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